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Digital Panoramaphotography: "convex mirror" for 15$

The prices of mirror optics remains high and there aren't any alternatives. I must build my optics self. I work with my soup ladle well. A property market visit has aroused my interest again. "one bathroom - equipment series" Ovation of the company LENZ Badkultur. At this series a hemispherical Disignelement is used. The most favourable component part costs 20 $. One telephone call with the company and I could purchase this chromium plated brass lens for 6$.
The lens has 3 advantages: a very good "optical" quality, an optimal diameter of 5.5 cm / 2,2 inch and an internal thread M4.
A disadvantage is the high weight of 200 g. A high leverage arises from the separation of approx. 10 cm. The plexiglas slice gets very loaded.
Below: The panorama are calculated with the software of H. Dersch! 
Now the work began:

One needs:

  • Filter adapter
  • Plexi- glass pane with hole
  • Bar with thread and nuts
  • Lens
One assembles everything. And: disappointment!
The bar in the plexiglas slice is too near at the objective (28 mm = for this) quite small. 50% of the lens by this attempt concealed and this also very blurred.
If one would maximize the separation between plexiglas slice and objective, this effect would disappear. Use one larger objective.
Therefore again one problem to be solved. One could screw several filter adapters about each other. It is 4. at th soup ladle!
An expensive solution at unit costs of approx. 8 $.
I found the RAYNOX RT5246N 52mm->46mm - a adapter for a Nikon Coolpix 5000, to put 52mm filter on it.
Bild: kompletter Panoramaspiegel für 28mm
Bild: Filteradapter RT5246N

Thank you for the many tips and the friendly support with:
Dipl. Ing. Kai-Uwe Irrgang (Cottbus)