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Digital Panoramaphotography: "convex mirror" for 4$

On the side of Thomas B. Kunz I found a great number of information about the topic: Panorama-photography! So also a representation of the "Birdeye", I held this solution for a good idea immediately. Unfortunately there is to acquire this "optics" by purchase no longer, all similar solutions begin with 750 $. Which certainly your price are worth, however, for my hobby simply too expensive! In my investigation, I came upon the sides of Professor Helmut Dersch which itself to this topic as wide treasure trove. Particularly the solution for a macropanorama showed me the many-sided possibility of the mirror-panorama. From this moment, I was on the search after shining hemispheres, 100 $ for a professionel-optics of Spindler + Hoyer was to expensive. Much will laugh and will say: "wat a mad boy!" - I found a bicycle lamp for 4 $! I thought to the experimentation, it is enough and so I started:
The first picture: 
It participates to recognize like I take a picture, like one a 360° panorama gets! However, also the fixing eye is to be recognized - which me still a little the picture destroy!
The second figure:
This time correctly from above - I hold the camera itself, therefore unsheep rakes. My desk lamp and the available cuts on the "optics" is to be recognized !
So I took this picture and converted with the "Panorama tools" by H. Dersch.

I was over the result more than please!
Now one further-made, the "optics" had to be connected solidly with the camera. Rod, wire and manufactures the somewhat quaint mounting was!

The 2. Panorama, clearly to recognize, the mounting of the "optics" - for 4 $ I accept small "lacks"!

And too good last another outdoor shot !(The mount was retouched !)
Further panoramas will be to be found soon in the gallery !

Thank you for the many tips and the friendly support with:
Thomas B. Kunz (Berlin) and Professor Helmut Dersch (Furtwangen)